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We network with researchers, young environmental writers, activists, educators, and journalists to work together for a better Mekong region.
Mekong Commons

Mekong Commons is an independent website created for sharing and discussing critical perspectives on current issues of development, ecology and society in the Mekong Region.
This site aims to examine the questions surrounding the Mekong Region’s development, and to identify new ones. Through interviews, stories, and case studies, we give particular importance to the details of development which are not readily seen. These reveal both the consequences of development that are masked from mainstream explanations, as well as alternatives that are already practiced across the region. To make things easier both for contributors and readers, we have divided the site into these sections:

In Deconstructing Development, we explore how development is explained and justified, and how knowledge is used or misused and contested in shaping public decisions on development plans and projects.

In Environmental Justice, we consider, how in the name of “development” injustices result to people, their livelihoods, and nature, including who wins and who loses and why.

In Better Ways, we share practices, activities, organizations and individuals working on alternative modes of and visions for development that can inspire.

Voices of the Next Generation provides a space where young people can share and debate their visions, critical perspectives, experiences, aspirations and inspirations related to development.

Finally, Women and the Mekong features both the everyday and the unusual struggles of women as they seek to exert influence and redefine their role in often male-dominated arenas of decision making.

The website is run by a group of researchers, activists, academics and media persons who were motivated by their own work and experiences around society and development in the Mekong Region to come together as a writing and thinking commons and initiate this website.

Submissions are welcome from everyone who has a story to tell about the Mekong Region, its development and its commons. We especially invite young writers, filmmakers and artists to contribute. The website is open to using pen-names for those who wish not to reveal their identities due to sensitive political contexts.

Please see our Author Guidelines for more details. And Mekong Commons welcomes feedback, please contact us if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.
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Mekong Youth Assembly 

MYA (mekongyouth.wordpress.com) is Youth Environmental Networks of Mekong was established to encouraging the potential youth-led groups in Mekong countries to join the community and bring about change in environmental concerns that have been supported by terre des hommes Germany as a regional biodiversity campaign in South East Asian countries including Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. It is implemented by the terre des hommes regional working group on biodiversity. The campaign aims to contribute to the protection and conservation of the rivers and biodiversity in South East Asia with the active participation of children and youth.

Although active citizenship can be promoted through local, regional, national and international levels of youth activities, Mekong Youth Parliament activities can also provide a space for mutual learning and promote long-term youth participation and active citizenship. The real challenge in youth work is to ensure that participants use their experiences, knowledge and contacts after these activities, to develop local, regional, national and international youth projects and work practices to engage youth in the local community

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Prachatham News Network

สำนักข่าวประชาธรรม ถูกตั้งขึ้นเพื่อทำหน้าที่เป็นแหล่งผลิตข่าวสารภาคประชาชน สนับสนุนแก่สื่อส่วนกลางและผู้สนใจ ด้วยวิสัยทัศน์การมองเห็นข่าวที่แตกต่าง วิเคราะห์เจาะลึกถึงข้อเท็จจริงรอบด้าน และเบื้องหลัง ปรากฏการณ์เพื่อให้สาธารณะ รับรู้ เพื่อสร้างความเข้าใจ และบังเกิดจินต ภาพที่ถูกต้องต่อปัญหานั้นๆ

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