Who We Are

iMekong’ is a journalism advocacy network, and was founded in July 2014. 

We, a group of environmental journalists and researchers, founded “iMekong.org” as an organization aiming to enhance independent Mekong journalists’ reporting skills.

We have been working closely with journalists in the Mekong region, assisting them with how-to-write more effectively, and researching on their focused topics.

We are working on (1) producing a series of briefing sheets on capacity-building (journalistic writing and thinking), (2) conducting writing workshops, and (3) establishing a Mekong journalist network.

For the past twelve years, we have been working with environmental activists and journalists concerning Mekong River issues. By attending many journalism trainings, we found that there is a need for more ‘analytical and framing’ journalism training.

Although, many journalism organizations focused on capacity-building, but mainly meant for ‘mainstream journalists’ to push forward ‘conventional agendas’.

Some organizations focused on ‘citizen journalists’, those who are close to environmental problems, but soon faded away. In this case, because grassroots journalists have no proper channel to publish their stories, and they have no long-term editorial and capacity building support.

Therefore, iMekong aims to fill the gap to enhance journalism skills and writing capacity of independent journalists. More importantly, to provide a channel to publish their articles.

Also, we partner with other Mekong organizations such as the Mekong Commons and the Mekong Youth Assembly.

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