GUIDELINE NO.7: Intercultural Exchanging Activities

To conduct a youth training – though for different purposes, it usually requires common activities to build a key understanding for cooperation among the trainees.

[Download PDF: No7_iMekong_IntercultExActivities]

Specifically, conducting a training for diverse groups of people, in terms of cultural, social, and political backgrounds, it is essential to bring a concept to everyone that, “we are different, but that is not to be judged.”

This iMekong’s factsheet No. 7 ‘Intercultural Exchanging Activities’ offers a few activities and games, which have been done in the past, for training young activists and writers. iMekong hopes that this factsheet will come in handy for current and future young trainers, to help build the desired Mekong community where the young people are engaging more in the socio-political and environmental issues.

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Voices of Young Human Rights Defenders to ASEAN

By Dokkeo Sykham

“Even though we come here with different issues, we are here to achieve the same goal. We work to strengthen a common ground of respecting, promoting, and protecting human rights of all people in this ASEAN region,” said a young human right defender at the 2015 ASEAN Youth Forum in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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We Are ASEAN Community But Where Is My Voice?

By Flower of Salween

I joined the 2015 ASEAN Youth Forum (AYF) in Kuala Lumpur (Petaling Jaya) Malaysia in late April this year. The forum was very powerful for me to see young people gathered and discussed about issues that important to them, such as development, education, sexual diversity, democratization, and the environmental challenges; but no one talked about stateless people.

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Mekong nomad: the young spirit for peace

By Hoang Duong

Have you heard about the ‘Mekong nomad’? A Northeastern Thai woman who took up a lone-wolf project, a self-funded journey, a backpacker-alike traveler, traveling across five countries – and that has resulted in such an inspiring and flourishing friendship across borders.

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