3rd WriteShop for Mekong Writers

If you have a story to share about development, ecology and society in the Mekong Region, we would like to hear from you.


The writeshop will bring together writers and researchers to build capacity to think critically, and produce a written story on current environmental and development issues in the Mekong Region. Less experienced writers especially will be provided help to plan and write their articles.

For successful applicants, all costs to attend the writeshop will be covered.

Application deadline is 28 December 2016.

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Why should the Mekong Region be interested in COP22 and Paris Agreement?

For these past weeks, the COP22 in Marrakech and the Paris Agreement have hogged the headlines and social media. But why is it so important for the world and specifically for the Mekong Region? Making its modern history in a growing number of the hydropower dams to supply its rapid economic development, the well-beings of the people and environment are at stake. Climate change impacts are here. For the past decade, the Mekong Region has been facing with severe drought, floods, and sea-level rising. Specifically, the Mekong Delta is considered to be one of the world’s three most vulnerable deltas in the world.

By Arianna Flores

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