Water governance – the legitimizing discourse for exploitation

The so-called ‘water governance’ for the Mekong states is when the Mekong River defined as the economic zone –where is meant to be exploited at the national levels. But what is the face of a good water governance should be like?

By Hoang Duong

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Laos’s highest dream of the highest GDP comes with great risk

While mainstream economists and policy-makers favor the application of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as the indicator of national progress and strategy of national development, this conventional GDP index numbers have come at a great incompensable cost for Lao people. 

By Jee Rung

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Future of Mekong River depends upon ‘public consultation’

By Hoang Duong and Paw Siriluk Sriprasit

The deadline of the public consultation of the Laos controversial Don Sahong dam, is coming up soon this January 25, 2015. Lao government will finalize all the social and environmental concerns of the dam project. It is believed to officially push forward the dam construction.

In the mid of overwhelming criticism and polarized standing-points among the lower Mekong river basin governments, communities, and environmental activists, the PNPCA deadline was proposed to be postponed for a better future of the Mekong River and her people. In accordingly, the Mekong River Commission (MRC) should seek for more consultations with all stakeholders, especially the local communities, whose livelihoods much rely on the river.

The International environmental organization, the International Rivers has also launched an online petition calling on the governments of Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam “to cancel the Don Sahong Dam and seek more sustainable energy options that ensure the future of the Mekong River’s fish and her people,” (see here).

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Don Sahong dam in Laos: Energy at what cost?

The Mekong Commons just published an article “Don Sahong Dam in Laos: Energy at what cost?” written by the journalists, whom iMekong is closely working with. Cheers!

‘The first regional consultation for the Don Sahong hydropower dam in Laos produced more questions than answers. The dam threatens the region’s capture fisheries and will have high costs for local livelihoods. The authors explain why, as Laos embarks to become the energy hub for the Mekong Region, dams risk increasing rural poverty.’

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