Guideline No.3: Mind Mapping

[Download PDF: No3_iMekong_MindMapping]

“Comprehending, Exploring, and Framing”

A mind-map is a tool for processing information and organizing ideas. Mind-maps are a visual form of note taking that offers an overview of a topic and its associations with other things. A mind-map is drawn as web-like or tree-like structure of words, pictures, or short phrases. In the central of a mind-map is indicating a topic you want to discuss or write about (in the middle of the page), and stemming out to different relevant main ideas, and branching out to many other sub-ideas.

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Don Sahong dam in Laos: Energy at what cost?

The Mekong Commons just published an article “Don Sahong Dam in Laos: Energy at what cost?” written by the journalists, whom iMekong is closely working with. Cheers!

‘The first regional consultation for the Don Sahong hydropower dam in Laos produced more questions than answers. The dam threatens the region’s capture fisheries and will have high costs for local livelihoods. The authors explain why, as Laos embarks to become the energy hub for the Mekong Region, dams risk increasing rural poverty.’

Read the full story at the Mekong Commons here.