Dam EIAs enable “river grabbing”

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Water and river grabbing refers to situations where powerful actors such as developers and governments are able to take control of, or reallocate to their own benefits – including decision-making power – the use of rivers and water resources. This grabbing of water resources and river systems often comes at the expense of the local people who depend for their lives, cultures and livelihoods on these natural ecosystems.

Globally, the construction of hydropower dams has forced some 40-80 million people to leave their lands in the past six decades, according to the World Commission on Dams 2. Many communities around the world are still fighting against old dams and proposals for building new ones. One such struggle is continuing in a village called ‘Mae Khanil-Tai’ against the Mae Khan Dam project in the northern Thailand province of Chiang Mai

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Do EIAs Allow ‘River Grabbing’?

By Paw Siriluk Sriprasit

Chiang Mai – Though hydropower is considered a form of clean energy, the construction and operation of hydropower dams can drastically destroy rivers, and alter people’s way of life forever. Therefore, assessment of the environmental impacts of specific hydropower projects is crucial to avoid what can be called ‘river grabbing’.

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Laos’ Don Sahong Dam Raised Trans-boundary Concerns

By Hoang Duong

Can Tho – After the 20th annual Mekong River Commission (MRC) meeting on 26 June in Bangkok, even though the Laos government did not officially recognize the Don Sahong dam as a Mekong mainstream dam, the MRC agreed to conduct a public hearing and exclusive consultations among the neighbouring Mekong countries.

In order to prepare for the forthcoming official Procedures for Notification, Prior Consultation and Agreement (PNPCA) meeting in Vietnam, the Vietnam River Network (VRN) together with local authorities recently held a pre-public hearing on 21-22 August in Can Tho City, in the Mekong Delta.

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