A Guidebook for Young Trainers – Curriculum on ECR in Mekong Development

Mekong Youth Assembly recently released a new book “A guidebook for young trainers – Curriculum on Ecological Child Rights in Mekong Development” (2017). MYA: “Ultimately, we hope to help plant more seeds as for children to become aware of their ECR, and for the children to engage in decision-making that affects their lives on all levels, and to defend our rights to have clean soil, air and water –a safe and secure environment so that the children of today and tomorrow may grow and shine!”

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We call for ‘Ecological Child Rights (ECR)’

We the Young Mekongers are building the movement to call for the ECR to be recognized by Mekong communities and governments, as children and young people are also affected by development projects, drastically and unavoidably.

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