Please relocate the dam, not the villagers

By Sun Yanh

The government must consult with local people prior to construct any development projects. Because even a fair compensation is given, it still can hardly compensate a river that runs dry or a land that is made fruitless.

Battambang, Cambodia – “You are not allowed to plant any trees in this area because you have to move out of this land, the development project is here,” said a local villager in Teuk Sab, Battambang province of Cambodia. “The government officers, they told me that.”

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Don Sahong dam in Laos: Energy at what cost?

The Mekong Commons just published an article “Don Sahong Dam in Laos: Energy at what cost?” written by the journalists, whom iMekong is closely working with. Cheers!

‘The first regional consultation for the Don Sahong hydropower dam in Laos produced more questions than answers. The dam threatens the region’s capture fisheries and will have high costs for local livelihoods. The authors explain why, as Laos embarks to become the energy hub for the Mekong Region, dams risk increasing rural poverty.’

Read the full story at the Mekong Commons here.