Water governance – the legitimizing discourse for exploitation

The so-called ‘water governance’ for the Mekong states is when the Mekong River defined as the economic zone –where is meant to be exploited at the national levels. But what is the face of a good water governance should be like?

By Hoang Duong

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Please relocate the dam, not the villagers

By Sun Yanh

The government must consult with local people prior to construct any development projects. Because even a fair compensation is given, it still can hardly compensate a river that runs dry or a land that is made fruitless.

Battambang, Cambodia – “You are not allowed to plant any trees in this area because you have to move out of this land, the development project is here,” said a local villager in Teuk Sab, Battambang province of Cambodia. “The government officers, they told me that.”

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